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Party Wall

We specialise in the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and can serve Party Wall Notices on behalf of our clients, complete thorough Schedule of Condition Reports and agree Party Wall Awards.

What does the Party Wall Act do?

The Party Wall Act provides the framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near to neighbouring properties.

High Standards

ESQ Associates will always provide a high standard of service, acting within the scope of our competence whilst prioritising effective communication with you.

How can we help you?


We get to know you

We take the time to understand your requirements to assist in fulfilling your request.


We serve your Notice

We’re able to serve Notices on your behalf.

We act on your behalf

We can act on your behalf to ensure an Award is served that settles any dispute.

We will serve notices

Using ESQ Associates as your Party Wall Surveyor to serve the Notices should hopefully ensure that they are valid and sent to the correct adjoining owner. We will identify to who the Notice needs to be served upon and we use The Land Registry to obtain further details which ensure accuracy as well as providing you with further information detailing how the adjoining owner can respond to the Notice and also, what happens if they fail to respond.

Schedule of condition

A Schedule of Condition can be a useful document to have in the event of an allegation of damage. A Surveyor can visit a property adjacent to where work is due to be carried out.

The Surveyor should attend prior to the work commencing and should record the condition of the property. The Surveyor will use his / her expertise to ensure that the property is adequately covered and will produce a report that will be sent to the person carrying out the work along with the affected neighbour.

The Schedule of Condition acts as a protective mechanism by ensuring that both sides are protected in the event of an allegation of damage. As pre-existing defects should have been documented, the Schedule can help both sides to determine whether or not the damage was caused by the work. Additionally, the Schedule can help to ensure that any remedial work is accurately determined.


Access is sometimes required onto a neighbouring property and rights of access can be exercised under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and the Access to Neighbourly Land Act 1992.

There are some scenarios whereby access onto neighbouring land is required but there are no rights that can be used to force this through. Therefore it is necessary to obtain the express consent of the adjoining owner. An access licence can allow oversail with cranes and scaffolding, hoarding or just allow specified people onto the neighbour’s land subject to conditions which ensure that the neighbour has adequate protection.

We will do our best to negotiate a licence that benefits both the building owner and the adjoining owner so that access is granted.

We believe in transparency

We have chosen to offer fixed fee packages. Party Wall Surveyors often charge by the hour but in our experience this can add a level of uncertainty to the process. Furthermore, charging by the hour can motivate a Surveyor to prolong matters to the detriment of the person picking up the bill.

Schedule of Condition

Party Wall Awards

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